New Release

Jackfish Reborn

Suspense - Action/Adventure

In 1885 Chinese laborers were brought

to North America to build the railroads.

The triads came with them. Caught up in

the clashes, Tiger Chang manages to

send a letter home about an incredible



128 years later…


Phil Hardy just wants everyone to leave him alone. That way no one gets hurt. Running from his past, he thinks he has found the peace he’s seeking on the cliffs looking out over the shores of Lake Superior.


Dragon Chang is following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, in search of his discovery. The young triad leader will use all his available resources, including the killing skills he learned on the opium smuggling routes in China, to locate and secure his future.


Local police officer April Harrison has a handle on everything going on in her community, except her abusive ex-husband.


Everything goes sideways when she starts asking questions about who is hanging around the old ghost town of Jackfish and the past begins to catch up with the present in more ways than one.


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